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CEO Spotlight: Brandon Jones on Leading a Top Security Company in the U.S.

October 25, 20232 min read

In the high-stakes world of security services, leadership is paramount. At the helm of JBS Protection, one of the leading security service providers in the United States, is Founder and CEO Brandon Jones. Under Jones' stewardship, JBS Protection has carved out a significant presence in the industry, all while maintaining a laser focus on meeting diverse client needs with unwavering dedication and integrity.

A vision takes shape

Jones' vision for JBS Protection is clear and inspiring: to become the most recognized, respected, and widely used security services company in the United States. This goal may seem ambitious, but Jones, backed by a dedicated team, is unfazed by the challenges.

"Our mission is to provide premier security services that exceed our diverse clients' wide-ranging safety and protection needs. We aim to embody service, confidentiality, accountability, and integrity in all we do," he says. "And we don't just meet industry standards; we aim to exceed them."

Building a team

Attracting and retaining highly skilled and certified employees is a key part of Jones' strategy. He believes that the strength of JBS Protection lies in its team and its ability to deliver top-tier service to clients. The company invests in its employees by offering ongoing training and development, maintaining a high level of professionalism and expertise.

"We believe that our guards are our frontline ambassadors. They're not only responsible for the safety of our clients but also for upholding our company values. That’s why we are committed to hiring professionals who are self-motivated and proactive,” Jones explains.

Innovation and growth

Jones understands that to stay at the forefront of the industry, JBS Protection must continuously learn, innovate, and grow. The company is always looking for ways to improve its services, from refining its guard training to integrating the latest security technology.

"We're committed to being forward-thinking, adaptable, and innovative. Our clients' needs are always evolving, and so are the threats they face. We must stay a step ahead to ensure their safety," Jones adds.

A commitment to diversity

Jones also emphasizes JBS Protection's commitment to diversity and inclusion. "We strive to create employment opportunities for diverse and underserved communities. We believe in the power of diversity to foster a dynamic work environment and to enhance the quality of our services," he says.

Brandon Jones' leadership has undoubtedly driven JBS Protection to become one of the top security companies in the U.S. His unwavering commitment to excellence, service, and innovation continues to shape the company's success in an ever-evolving industry. Under his guidance, JBS Protection stands ready to face the challenges of the future while continuing to provide outstanding security services to clients across the United States.

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