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Safeguarding Success: JBS Protection Sets the Standard in Executive Protection

November 14, 20232 min read

"Security is not just a service; it's a commitment to safeguarding success." - Brandon Jones, CEO, JBS Protection

In a world where security concerns are paramount for public figures, celebrities, high-net-worth individuals, government officials, and other VIPs, JBS Protection emerges as a beacon of safety with over 40 years of law enforcement and advanced security experience. Founded and led by Brandon Jones, JBS Protection stands as a symbol of commitment to the safety and well-being of its clients through exemplary executive protection services.

Unmatched Expertise

JBS Protection is not just a security service; it's a fortress of knowledge and experience. Brandon Jones, the Founder and CEO, brings forth a legacy of over four decades in law enforcement and advanced security. This extensive background forms the bedrock of JBS Protection's ability to deliver security solutions of unparalleled caliber.

Comprehensive Executive Protection Services

Risk and Safety/Security Assessment

Understanding the unique risks faced by each client is the first step in JBS Protection's comprehensive approach. Through meticulous risk and safety/security assessments, potential vulnerabilities are identified, and strategic security plans are implemented.

Protective Movements and Armed Escorts

JBS Protection ensures a secure environment for clients during transit, offering protective movements and armed escorts to mitigate risks and enhance safety.

High-Threat Protection for Dignitaries

In scenarios where dignitaries face elevated threats, JBS Protection's experienced team provides sophisticated, discreet protection tailored to the highest threat scenarios.

International Travel Protection

For corporate executives, diplomats, and celebrities on the move, JBS Protection's security professionals deliver reliable protection during international travels, ensuring safety beyond borders.

24/7 Close Personal Protection

JBS Protection takes pride in offering around-the-clock personal protection, providing clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are safeguarded at all times.

Celebrity and Corporate VIP Protection

Understanding the unique needs of celebrities and corporate VIPs, JBS Protection tailors its protection services to be both discreet and effective, preserving the client's safety and privacy.

Armed Vehicle Transport

JBS Protection's armed vehicle transport services guarantee secure transit, minimizing risks and potential threats associated with transportation.

Route and Venue Reconnaissance and Clearance

The proactive approach of JBS Protection includes extensive reconnaissance on routes and venues, ensuring security is established in advance of any movements.

Security Advance, Counter-Attack, and Counter-Surveillance Teams

JBS Protection's specialized teams are equipped to handle security advances, counter-attacks, and counter-surveillance operations, providing clients with the highest level of protection against evolving threats.

Schedule a Free Consultation

JBS Protection invites potential clients to schedule a free consultation, allowing them to understand the tailored security solutions that can be put in place. Your safety is not just a service; it's a commitment that JBS Protection takes to heart.


In a world where security is non-negotiable, JBS Protection emerges as a trusted ally. With a legacy of experience and a commitment to excellence, JBS Protection sets the standard for executive protection services, ensuring the safety, security, and success of its distinguished clientele.

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